CC1120 Module, +30dBm, N513FS

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Radio moudle based TI CC1120 transceiver ,high power PA, LNA and MCU. Narrowband used.

N513FS CC1120 transceiver high power module designed for 169M, 433M, 868M 915Mhz narrowband. Up to +30 dBm output power, and down to -126dBm sensitivity. AT command used.

N513FS high power module based TI CC1120, ST MCU, PA and LNA. 169M, 433M, 868MHz and 915M narrowband used. Up to 30dBm output power and down to -126dBm sensitivity. AT command used. The module is mainly for Internet of things, intelligent home, wireless meter reading, scientific research and medical treatment, and medium and long-distance wireless communication equipment. CC1120 module leads all pins out for secondary development. AT commands support.

N513FS high power Module, SPI and UART port, RF pin, SMD package, small size, the module is suitable for SMT production.

N513FS leads uart pins out of for secondary development. Rapid development without understanding RF.

N513FS high power module is suitable for free frequency band in EU and USA.

CC1120 Device Introduce

The CC1120 device is a fully integrated single-chip radio transceiver designed for high performance at very low-power and low-voltage operation in cost-effective wireless systems. All filters are integrated, thus removing the need for costly external SAW and IF filters. The device is mainly intended for the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) and SRD (Short Range Device) frequency bands at 164–192 MHz, 274–320 MHz, 410–480 MHz, and 820–960 MHz.

The CC1120 device provides extensive hardware support for packet handling, data buffering, burst transmissions, clear channel assessment, link quality indication, and Wake-On-Radio. The main operating parameters of the CC1120 device can be controlled through an SPI interface. In a typical system, the CC1120 device will be used with a microcontroller and only a few external passive components.

ISM Frequency supported by N513FS high power module

169M band: 169 MHz to 170 MHz (China, EU)

433M band: 433 MHz to 435 MHz (China, EU)

470M band: 470 MHz to 480 MHz (China)

868M band: 868 MHz to 870 MHz (China, EU, USA)

                       888 MHz to 889 MHz (Australia)

915M band: 902 MHz to 928 MHz (USA)

RF rate of N513FS high power module

Narrowband FSK: 0 to 200 Kbps


Sigfox network or point-to-point long distance transmission.

Narrowband system

Arduino device

Narrowband Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Systems

IEEE 802.15.4g Systems

With Channel Spacing Down to 12.5 kHz

Wireless Alarm and Security Systems

169-, 315-, 433-, 868-, 915-, 920-, 950-MHz

Industrial Monitoring and Control ISM/SRD Band

Wireless Healthcare Applications

Wireless Metering and Wireless Smart Grid (AMR and AMI)

Wireless Sensor Networks and Active RFID

Private Mobile Radios

Home and Building Automation

N513FS is suitable for free frequency band in EU and America.

RF InterfaceParameter
Frequency169M, 433M, 868M 915Mhz
Output Power+30dBm
Symbol Rate0.3-200kbps

Hardware parametersValue
Size42 x 24 x 3mm
Antenna InterfaceIPEX, RF pin
Communication InterfaceUART, SPI

Electrical ParametersMinimumTypicalMaximum
PA Volt3V3.6V5V
Emission Current
Receiving Current
Sleep current
Working Temperature-40℃

N513FS high power module typical circult

N513AS typical circult

N513FS Pin Definition

           CC1120 Module pin,30dBm,UART,RF Module,Narrowband,868MHz,PALNA

          CC1120 Module size,30dBm,UART,RF Module,Narrowband,868MHz,PALNA


Download N513 datasheet

Download CC1120 datasheet

Ordering information

N513FS-169M     CC1120+mcu+PA+LNA     Narrowband, UART, 30dBm, 160M - 175MHz

N513FS-433M     CC1120+mcu+PA+LNA     Narrowband, UART, 30dBm, 410M - 480MHz

N513FS-868M     CC1120+mcu+PA+LNA     Narrowband, UART, 30dBm, 860M - 880MHz

N513FS-915M     CC1120+mcu+PA+LNA     Narrowband, UART, 30dBm, 910M - 960MHz

Other modules

N511AS-169M     CC1120                    15dBm, SPI, Narrowband, 160-175MHz

N511AS-433M     CC1120                    15dBm, SPI, Narrowband, 410-480MHz

N511AS-868M     CC1120                    15dBm, SPI, Narrowband, 860-960MHz

N512AS-169M     CC1120+mcu           15dBm, UART, Narrowband, 160-175MHz

N512AS-433M     CC1120+mcu           15dBm, UART, Narrowband, 410-480MHz

N512AS-868M     CC1120+mcu           15dBm, UART, Narrowband, 860-880MHz

N512AS-915M     CC1120+mcu           15dBm, UART, Narrowband, 910-960MHz

N513AS-169M     CC1120+mcu+PA+LNA    24dBm, UART, Narrowband, 160-175MHz

N513AS-433M     CC1120+mcu+PA+LNA    24dBm, UART, Narrowband, 410-480MHz

N513AS-868M     CC1120+mcu+PA+LNA    24dBm, UART, Narrowband, 860-880MHz

N513AS-915M     CC1120+mcu+PA+LNA    24dBm, UART, Narrowband, 910-960MHz

N516AS-868M     CC1120+CC1190     27dBm, SPI, Narrowband, 860-880MHz

N516AS-915M     CC1120+CC1190     27dBm, SPI, Narrowband, 910-960MHz

169M,433M,868M,915M, 1200MHz
Output Power
+30 dBm
Coral RF