S2LP Module, +24dBm, N563AS

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Radio module based ST S2LP and PA.

N563AS S2LP module designed for 433M, 868M, 915MHz band. Up to 24DBM output power.

N563AS based s2lp, PA and LNA. 169M, 433M, 868M and 915MHz used. Up to 24dBm output power and down to -126dBm sensitivity. S2LP module leads all pins out for secondary development.

S2LP introduce

The S2-LP is a high performance ultra-low power RF transceiver, intended for RF wireless applications in the sub-1 GHz band. It is designed to operate in both the license-free ISM and SRD frequency bands at 433, 512, 868 and 920 MHz, but can also be programmed to operate at other additional frequencies in the 413-479 MHz, 452-527 MHz, 826-958 MHz, 904-1055 MHz bands. The S2-LP supports different modulation schemes: 2(G)FSK, 4(G)FSK, OOK and ASK. The air data rate is programmable from 0.1 to 500 kbps.
The S2-LP can be used in systems with channel spacing down to 1 kHz enabling the narrow band operations.

N560AS shows an RF link budget higher than 140 dB for long communication ranges and meets the regulatory requirements applicable in territories worldwide, including Europe, Japan, China and the USA.

S2LP features

  • Frequency bands:

    • 413-479 MHz (S2-LPQTR)

    • 452-527 MHz (S2-LPCBQTR)

    • 826-958 MHz (S2-LPQTR)

    • 904-1055 MHz (S2-LPCBQTR)

  • Modulation schemes:

    • 2(G)FSK, 4(G)FSK

    • OOK, ASK

  • Air data rate from 0.1 to 500 kbps

  • Ultra-low power consumption:

    • 7 mA RX

    • 10 mA TX @ +10 dBm

  • Excellent performance of receiver sensitivity: down to -130 dBm

  • Excellent receiver selectivity and blocking

  • Programmable RF output power up to +16 dBm

  • Programmable RX digital filter

  • Programmable channel spacing

  • Fast start-up and frequency synthesizer settling time

  • Automatic frequency offset compensation, AGC and symbol timing recovery

  • More than 145 dB RF link budget

  • Battery indicator and low battery detector

  • RX and TX 128 bytes FIFO buffers

  • 4-wire SPI interface

  • Automatic packet acknowledgment and retransmission

  • Embedded timeout protocol engine

  • Excellent receiver selectivity (> 80 dB @ 2 MHz)

  • ST companion integrated balun/filter chips are available

  • Antenna diversity algorithm

  • Fully integrated ultra-low power RC oscillator

  • Wake-up driven by internal timer or external event

  • Digital real time RSSI

  • Flexible packet length with dynamic payload length

  • Programmable preamble and SYNC word quality filtering and detection

  • Embedded CSMA/CA engine based on listen-before-talk systems

  • IEEE 802.15.4g hardware packet support with whitening, FEC, CRC and dual SYNC word detection

  • Wireless M-BUS supported

  • Enables operations in the SIGFOX™ and MONARCH networks

  • Suitable to build systems targeting:

    • Europe: ETSI EN 300 220, category 1.5 natively compliant, ETSI EN 303 131

    • US: FCC part 15 and part 90

    • Japan: ARIB STD T67, T108

    • China: SRRC

  • Operating temperature range: -40 °C to +105 °C

ISM Frequency supported by 560AS module

433M band: 433 MHz to 435 MHz (China, EU)

470M band: 470 MHz to 510 MHz (China)

868M band: 868 MHz to 870 MHz (China, EU, USA)

                       888 MHz to 889 MHz (Australia)

915M band: 902 MHz to 928 MHz (USA)

N563AS is suitable for free frequency band in EU.

RF InterfaceParameterIntroduce
Frequency433M, 868M, 915MHzSupport ISM
Output Power+24dBmThe maximum power 200mW
Symbol Rate0.3-200kbpsSoftware programming control
Deviation+/-1kHzAntenna interface

In clear and open environment, the antenna gain

is 3 dBi, the height above the ground is 2.5 meters,

and the air speed is 1.2 kbps.

Hardware parametersValueRemarks
Size31 x 24 x 3mm-
Antenna InterfaceIPEX, RF pin-
Communication InterfaceSPISoftware programming

Electrical ParametersMinimumTypicalMaximum
PA Volt2.5V5V6V
Emission Current
Receiving Current
Sleep current
Working Temperature-40℃

Pin Definition and Layout

N563AS S2LP module pin

     N563AS S2LP module package


Ordering information

N563AS-433M     S2LP     Narrowband, 24dBm, 410M - 480MHz

N563AS-868M     S2LP     Narrowband, 24dBm, 860M - 880MHz

N563AS-915M     S2LP     Narrowband, 24dBm, 910M - 960MHz

Files download

N563AS Software code example‍            Download N563AS datasheet            Download S2LP datasheet

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